Fabian Häckel kampt met een gezondheidsprobleem. De zanger van de Duitse electro-rock-core band Sacrety heeft in ieder geval de komende optreden op Brainstorm moeten afgezegd.

Dear Sacrety friends in Holland! We are so sorry that we have some bad news for you. Our singer Fabi struggled the last 5 weeks and is still struggling with an inflammation of his heart. He his not allowed to do any heavy activities. As u know us, a Sacrety show is more than a Cardio workout.

We sadly have to tell u that we can’t come over to play the show at Brainstrom-Festival.

But we know u will still have a great time at Brainstorm Festival and we hope u will rock even more! Please stay in touch for some dates and we hope to see us once or twice again before we will quit in 2016. Big sorry again! Yours, Sacrety

Als vervanger is de Nederlandse metalcore band Startled aangetrokken.

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